Going Straight to Gay… Or something in-between

You’re in a new relationship. Ahh… Love.
But then ‘being in-love’ slowly crumbles. It can be tough.
Then imagine you’re a woman in a relationship with another woman.
For the first time.

Through comedy ‘Going Straight to Gay… Or something in-between’ casts light on how society, your partner, and yourself cause a lot of difficulties in a relationship.
In a fun way.

“So much more than just standup comedy” – 4. Vaeg

“An amusing, entertaining, heartfelt, brilliant exploration of finding yourself as an adult” – Theatre and Other Things ****

Event Details
Genre: Comedy
Duration: Duration: 60 mins
Watford Palace - Studio

1 October 8.15pm

Watford Palace - Studio

Full: £8

Conc: £6


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