Audentior Symphony Orchestra presents A Selection of Chamber Music

Pump House Charles Room

Audentior Symphony Orchestra is Watford’s newest and most ambitious orchestra. At the Watford Fringe in 2019 they put on two chamber music gigs in the D20 board game café, playing an assortment of film and video game music to two sell-out audiences. This year they’re back for more, with a variety of chamber music on Saturday and Sunday. Join them for an intimate performance, from classical favourites to music from the screen, at Amanartis, 3pm on Saturday or at The Pump House, 3pm on Sunday.

Performance Details
Genre: Music
Date: Date: 3 October
Time: Time: 3.00pm
Duration: Duration: 50 mins
Full Price: Full Price: £10
Concession Price: Concession Price: £8


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