Crimson Reflection

Pump House Theatre

Crimson Reflection is a contemporary and lyrical ballet based on the Changeling myth from Irish folklore. The tale begins with Ariel, a young girl from the village, who is kidnapped by the Fae Queen of the nearby Lost Woods, and Leira, an imposter created from Ariel’s reflection in a mirror, who is left in her place. After many years, when their memory of each other seemingly faded away to nothing, the misadventures of their friends and the malicious schemes of the Fae Queen reunite them. Now the two of them must reconcile their differences, and who they truly are inside

Performance Details
Genre: Dance & Physical Theatre
Date: Date: 3 October
Time: Time: 6.15pm
Duration: Duration: 60 mins
Full Price: Full Price: £10
Concession Price: Concession Price: £8
Streaming options available Streaming options available


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