Meg and Joe are Trying to Connect

Pump House Charles Room

Meg and Joe are Trying to Connect is a hilarious yet heartfelt show about all things loneliness! Meg and Joe fuse together comedy, clowning, audience interaction and autobiography to create a frank but funny discussion about loneliness!

The show explores all the ways loneliness effects our lives, and how as we grow up we lose the community, fun and play that was vital in our childhoods. In a time where it is easy to be lonely, Meg and Joe create an oasis of community and laughter, where performers and audiences alike can face their experiences of loneliness with fun.

Performance Details
Genre: Theatre
Date: Date: 3 October
Time: Time: 7.30pm
Duration: Duration: 55 mins
Full Price: Full Price: £8.50
Concession Price: Concession Price: £6.50


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