Spaces is an anthology of audio plays where each immersive story draws you into a different audio location. Born from a world in lockdown, many of the plays deal with themes of isolation and connection. Exploring ordinary spaces – a toilet cubicle, a car, a bath, a corridor, IKEA – each short play invites you to enjoy extraordinary and intimate stories.
Written by emerging script writers in an experimental and exploratory workshop convention, the project aimed to use sound and performance to bring theatre to remote audiences. The plays reflect the wonderful breadth of what audio theatre has to offer.
Your ticket purchase provides access to the full collection of audio plays and you can access them anytime up to 5th October

Performance Details
Genre: Theatre
Date: Date: 4 October
Time: Time: 6.00pm
Duration: Duration: 80 mins
Full Price: Full Price: £12
Concession Price: Concession Price: £8
Streaming options available Streaming options available


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